Manawai Tour Collage

Did You Know Chocolate Grows On Trees?

On Maui’s world-famous Road to Hana, Manawai Estate Chocolate is creating a one-of-a-kind, sustainable chocolate farm.

Join us on a unique, 2½ hour “Food of the Gods” farm tour.  Discover, taste, create and learn about the world of fine chocolate beyond the wrapper. 

See the life cycle of cacao, the challenges of growing it in Hawaii (the only state in USA where it’s found) and why many refer to Hawaii as the “Napa Valley of Chocolate.”

Enjoy a history lesson on the origins of cacao while making a signature chocolate drink in the ancient manner by cracking, shelling and stone grinding beans into a treat fit for a Mayan god – a 4,000-year tradition!

Manawai Tour Drying TrayExperience a guided tasting of some of the best chocolates in the world, with origins in Ecuador, Madagascar, Peru, Venezuela and other countries and compare them to the finest Hawaiian chocolates.  You be the judge!

And finally, you’ll be introduced to our chocolate brand, Sweet Paradise Chocolatier, producing award winning truffles with locally grown tropical fruits, nuts, coffees and spices.

We guarantee you will never again look at chocolate in quite the same way!

Tours are offered Thursday and Sunday, 0900 – 1130.  Reservations required.  Book online at or at Sweet Paradise Chocolatier at Gateway Wailea (808-344-1040).