Ag Tourism Bills

HRS Chapter 205-2 allows for AgriTourism conducted on a working farm or farming operation.  See #11 – 15.

County of Hawaii Planning Department Agricultural Based Commercial Operation Certification Form.  This form applies to farm businesses on Hawaii Island only and is processed at the County of Hawaii Planning Department, free of charge (depending on information) and can be processed on the spot if all information is complete.

SB2375 was written in 2012,and initiated the Hawaii Revised Statue 205-2.  Please see #11, 12, 13 for agricultural tourism.

Bill 148 is the current ag tourism ordinance that is in effect for Hawaii Island.

Bill 227 (Bill 25 amended) is the current ag tourism amendment to Bill 148, that was last heard by the Hawaii County Council on August 16, 2016, and was deferred as both Councilwoman Maile David and Councilman Eoff wanted to look into using HRS 205-2 instead.

Ordinance 4246 Commercial Ag Structure Ordinance