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FARM – Growing produce (fruits, vegetables, cacao, coffee, mac nuts, mushrooms, tea, herbs, etc), flowers (all types), livestock (pigs, poultry, beef, lamb) and Energy. You are currently a provider of AgriTourism, would like to offer AgriTourism at your farm or are a supporter of AgriTourism. Some farms in this category may operate by “advance appointment or reservation only” or have designated hours of operation.
RANCH – Raising cattle and open to the public for purposes of AgriTourism or would like to offerAgriTourism activities in the future.
CHEF &/OR RESTAURANT – Has an established business that is open to the public and supports local farms and ranches by featuring local ingredients.
ON FARM BED & BREAKFAST – Established or new on-farm bed & breakfast operations offering an AgriTourism experience to guests.
TOURISM AGENCIES, STATE & COUNTY ENTITIES & SCHOOLS/UNIVERSITIES/ CHAMBER/ LOCAL BUSINESSES – Organizations and companies dedicated to the economic and educational development of Agricultural Tourism in the State of Hawaii.

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Please choose the appropriate level of annual membership dues based on your farms OR business annualgross income. This information is confidential and for internal use only.

Membership Agreement

This application is for membership within the Hawaii AgriTourism Association, which is a statewide 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 2008. Payment to join is required with this application. Membership term is for ONE year from date of joining.

As a member, I agree to participate in the ONLINE meetings that are held for my benefit, and offered throughout the year. If I miss a meeting, I understand that the meeting will be recorded and I have access to it for up to 60 days.

I agree to provide information about my farm or business with a photo for the Hawaii AgriTourism Association website (within 30 days after I join) to help promote my company.

I will participate and support the efforts of the organization to further its mission to help all members.

I understand that this membership must be renewed annually until cancelled in writing.

I certify that based on my farm/business gross annual sales, I have chosen the correct level of membership for my business and meet the required classification for membership in this association.

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